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The role of the Greenhouse Garden


A Greenhouse Garden is a specially designed horticultural structure, usually covered by glass or plastic, to provide controlled environmental conditions and serves a number of important functions:

Plant Protection: Greenhouses provide protection from the outside environment, blocking inclement weather, extreme temperatures, pests, and germs, thereby helping plants grow healthily.

Extended Growing Season: In colder climates, a greenhouse can create a warmer climate that extends the growing season of your plants, allowing you to grow and harvest year-round.

Provide harsh environment: For plants that require specific environmental conditions, such as tropical or subtropical plants, the greenhouse can simulate suitable temperature and humidity to create the growth environment they need.

Early Seedlings: Greenhouses are ideal for growing seedlings, where you can pre-grow seedlings inside and then transplant them outside when they are strong enough.

Growing Special Plants: Certain plants that are difficult to grow naturally in your area may adapt better in a greenhouse, allowing you to grow a wider variety of plants.

Increased Yield: By providing constant temperature, humidity, and light, greenhouses increase the yield of plants and make them grow more robustly.

Research and Education: Greenhouses provide an ideal setting for plant research, experimentation and education, helping to understand the interrelationships between plant growth and the environment.


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