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What should be paid attention to when exporting garden gloves to the EU?


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1. About the EU standard test

The EU standard test (CE test) is formulated according to the European decree 89/686/CEE (PPE design standard) and 89/656/CEE (PPE use standard). PPE application standards are designed to protect human body safety, but its application scope does not include military products and medical products.

2. Regulations on the export of labor protection gloves to Europe

The EU Technical Committee divides labor protection gloves into three categories: the first category is gloves used to prevent ordinary physical damage, such as gloves used in garden repairs and glass tableware; the second category is safety gloves for industrial production. For example, cut-resistant gloves, high-temperature resistant gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, etc.; the third category is high-risk industrial gloves, such as high-voltage electric gloves, nuclear radiation-resistant gloves, etc.

Labor protection gloves must apply for EU standard CE certification, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the EU market. Once the CE certificate is obtained, the certificate is valid in 27 EU countries.

3. Application procedures for CE certification

Send samples to ZKTEST laboratory for CE testing;

Establish technical documents with the help of ZKTEST after the test;

The testing and technical documentation meet the requirements, and a CE certificate is issued, allowing the CE mark to be printed on the glove.

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