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How to install the wall light?


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The installation method of the wall lamp is relatively simple. After the position is determined, it is mainly to fix the lamp holder of the wall lamp. The method of pre-embedded parts or drilling is often used to fix the wall lamp on the wall.

.Glue construction

There are many methods of gluing, but the commonly used ones are as follows.

1. Brush method

Brushing the adhesive on the bonding surface with a brush is the easiest and most commonly used method. This method is suitable for single piece or small batch production and construction.

2. Spraying method

For low-viscosity adhesives, ordinary paint spray guns can be used for spraying. For those high-viscosity adhesives with short active periods and difficult cleaning, Congbert spray guns in the reinforced plastics industry can be used. The advantage of the spraying method is that the glue is evenly applied and the work efficiency is high; the disadvantage is that the loss of the glue is large (about 20~40%), and the solvent is lost in the air and pollutes the environment.

3. Self-flow method

Adopt rain type automatic device. This method is very suitable for flat plate parts, with high work efficiency and suitable for mass production. In order to prevent the glue from clogging the nozzle, the glue used must have proper viscosity and fluidity.

4. Roller coating method

The lower half of the rubber roller is immersed in the glue solution, and the upper half is exposed to the outside directly or indirectly through the rubber roller to contact the working surface, and the rubber roller is driven by the workpiece to rotate to apply the glue solution on the bonding surface. To achieve different gluing effects, different grooves and patterns can be made on the wheat surface of the rubber roller, or the pressure of the rubber roller can be changed or the amount of glue applied can be controlled by a scraper. Cots can be made of rubber, wood, felt or metal

5. Scratch coating method

For high-viscosity limb-like and paste-like adhesives and for adhesive parts such as flooring, glue boards can be used for gluing. The rubber plate can be made of 1~1.5mm thick elastic steel plate, hard polyvinyl chloride plate and other materials.

6.Other gluing methods

Such as dip coating method, glue injection method, etc

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